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The below numbers are a general guide, but give me a shout and we can figure out what we can do within your budget. These rates include me and my gear; rentals and extra expenses (such as gas for long drives, tape, etc.) are on top of that. Generally, for recording and mixing, half of the estimated total is due upon starting the project and the other half is due upon approval of the final versions. For mastering, the full amount is due before I will start the project. Prices are Canadian dollars.


$45 per hour/ $400 per day

The hourly rate applies to shorter (2 days or less) timeframes.

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$50 per song

This rate includes a complete rundown of your project, processing, minor clean up editing and fades, but does not include any shipping costs or studio time related to major edits or “fixing” of tracks. Additional studio time for mastering is $40/hr.

This rate assumes track lengths of less than 7 minutes per track. If your project is not of this nature, get in touch and we can sort out a suitable rate.

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$45 per hour

Mixes take anywhere from 1 to 20 hours per song, depending on a huge variety of factors. Shoot me an email and we can figure out your budget. If an album has a collection of songs that are very similar, I can mix one, and then estimate how long it will take to mix the others and we can figure out a fixed rate per song. Conversely, if you have a set budget and need me to work within it, I can do that.

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$300 half day up to 5 hours

$500 full day up to 10 hours

Overtime after 10 hours: $75/hr

This rate includes me and my iPad. Any equipment rentals are additional and charged at cost. I can help procure rentals as well.

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Mastering rate
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