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We're getting there . . .

I helped with a set-up the other day at the beautiful Memorial Park Library for Calgary Show Services, for a show put on by Femme Wave on International Women's Day. It got me thinking about what a great space this library is and how cool it is that things have started happening there lately besides folks just taking out books. Calgary is slowly turning into a very fun and vibrant city. Yay, us!

Latest projects:

- mixing for a new full-length release by The Ex-boyfriends (this is the fifth album I've worked with them on!!)

- mastering an EP for Lethbridge group Body Lens

- mixing an LP for Montreal via Seattle outfit Beret

- mix tweaks and mastering for an art installation/performance Soon All Your Memories Will Be With Me by Lisa Lipton. I went to the closing event and was pretty entranced and bewildered. Such fun. My pal Tim Uniac was running a crazily complicated sound rig with speakers everywhere and multiple headset mics. Nice work!!

- finishing (!!!) the mixes for Burnt Shrines upcoming full-length

- mixing and overdubs for a very cool Indian-tantric-EDM album by Prashant John

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