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The best artist rider ever

I will admit that I am slow, SLOW, to the game of keeping up with the internet, and this has been written about for at least eight years, but, if you haven't seen Iggy and the Stooges' tech and hospitality rider, it is probably the best 15 minutes you will spend today.

Gems, such as: "1 x 13inch and 1 x 14inch TOM-TOM, WITH MOUNTING. And if you can't bring the mounting to us, we'll have to send a bloke called Mohammed to the mounting. A stand mount would be fine, or a bass drum mount. Here endeth the sermon on the mount," and "About Iggy's vocal - we need lots. The best thing is, make it strong and punchy, a bit like a boxing kangaroo. Then turn it up. When you think you have turned it up enough, turn it up some more!."

My favourite bit: "When we arrive, if there is either a YAMAHA or DIGITAL CONSOLE of any manufacure (sic) located on front of house island, I will chop it into a hundred pieces, and each of those pieces I will chop into a hundred pieces... so that's like, er... tenty hundred? Anyway, then I will douse them in petrol and burn them. In accordance with local and national guidelines on the burning of bits of shit mixer, of course."

I'd say that's pretty clear!

Weirdly enough, I think the trickiest thing to satisfy on this rider would be the MiniDisc recorder - I don't think anyone has them anymore?

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