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Acoustikitty 2.0 is Here

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

A lot has changed in the past few months. I've moved houses and, along with a new (old) house to play around in, I've got, finally, a proper space to have as a tracking studio, in the garage. It's a 440 sq. ft. gem of a space, with a newly installed gas heater, over 9 ft. ceilings and sounds great. I have big plans to build it into a more fully-appointed spot, with isolation booths and better soundproofing, but, for now, it's been working great for a number of projects. I recently ended a stint working for the National Music Centre as Technical Coordinator for all the live events there. It was a cool job in a nifty spot, but it also ate up all my time and energy from doing recordings, so I'm very excited with the new developments.

Here are a few recording, mixing and mastering projects that have come along recently:

- creating a 3-song demo for Evan Freeman's upcoming album

- mastering a terrific album for Fitness (Lethbridge)

- working with Suzanne de Bussac on overdubs for her upcoming album

- mixing the astonishingly good new album from Massachusetts based group, Landowner

- mixing the epic (and long-awaited) full-length from Calgary's Burnt Shrines

- mixing the propulsive rock of Shanghai-based (Calgary-connected) band, Pinball City

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