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Arran Fisher - Producer/Engineer

Creative, original production with dedication to the art and technology

Let's make something special

This doesn't have to be complicated

Professional, sonically exceptional results


What is it you want to create? Is it a headphone masterpiece? A car banger? A document of a performance? All of the above? Do you need someone to handle the dials so you can focus on the performance? Or, maybe you need someone to bounce ideas off, to help edit and make decisions? Perhaps you just need a studio that has a good vibe and a person who can facilitate the awesome. I'm happy to do all these things.

I operate a small studio at my home in Renfrew that is suitable for most live tracking situations. I'm also happy to start a project in a professional studio and take it back to my place for overdubs and mixing. 


Every record Woodpigeon makes sounds personal, trimmed with little details, pretty elation stained with pain in its paeans. Thumbtacks and Glue is no less nuanced or nourishing, and every song is satisfying. . . . immaculate and endearing music.

  - Line of Best Fit

I would place this shambling, irreplaceable piece of wry, rocking rurality at the top of any best-of every year since its conception. Be.So.Bold is seriously as perfect as music-making can get.

  - Mike Bell, YYC Scene 

Die Stadt Muzikanten is the closest thing I've come to experiencing magic throughout this whole month of reviews. This is the best album to come out of Canada since Funeral. 

  - Artrocker


You've got tracks! YOU'VE GOT TRACKS!!! 

A good mix is what makes all the hard work in the performance come across in the way you hear it in your head. Sometimes you need someone who's not in your head to make the translation. I love pulling all the elements together in the right way to create an emotional impact, whether it's meant to recreate a live performance or fabricate something wholly surreal.

When you supply me with tracks to mix, please give them as mono WAVs at the highest resolution that was used for the recording (don't resample up or down and avoid turning every track into a stereo file). All the files should have the same starting point. Don't include any processing or automation on the tracks unless they are absolutely essential to the sound of the track. Feel free to get in touch.


 I gotta emphasize how much you've blown all our minds. During recording, sometimes it was hard for me to gauge whether we were on the right track, maybe since we'd never recorded as a full band before. But I think you intuitively understood the "vibe" we were going for, and magically (or laboriously) conjured it out of the raw material we sent you. You were really easy to work with, and these mixes exceeded our expectations!!

  - Dan, Landowner


Sometimes you don't need anything fancy, you just want things to sound louder and smoother than the finished mixes. I don't pretend to have a state-of-the-art mastering facility (and there are lots of good ones out there), but I can make your recording sound fantastic on a decent budget and get it ready for manufacture. 

Submit a Mastering Order

Live Sound

You want a sound technician who makes things sound great and keeps a positive attitude, all the while getting the job done quickly and without fuss. Nice to meet you!

I have worked in many different venues and with different genres. My experience includes work for the Jack Singer Concert Hall, National Music Centre, and the Calgary Folk Festival. Clients include the City of Calgary, the Alberta NDP, Tourism Calgary, and many artists directly.

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